Building a business around a blog is pretty easy these days. You can get online and start blogging within minutes. But wait! Don’t start just yet. There are some critical blogging mistakes that long standing, successful bloggers have learned the hard way, but you don’t have to. Not branding your site A brand helps you identify […]

The process to getting up and running with your own WordPress blog has gotten easier over time, but if you’ve got about 30 minutes, we can have you up and running. There are 2 primary things you need in order to setup your WordPress site: A Domain name, which is the name of your site […]

As a blogger, it’s important to review and edit your work before you publish your post. From time to time, you may find it necessary or even required to have someone else preview your post before you publish it. This usually requires that you create the person a user within your WordPress site and assign […]

The power of WordPress is how quickly you can add features to your blog without much effort. One of the things that happens most often is we go in search of things that add amazing visual components to our sites. This is all well and good, but often overlooked additions to a new blog are […]

Finishing a blog post and pressing the ‘Publish’ button is an exciting feeling, no matter how many times you’ve done it. Before you release your latest blog post though, be sure to do these eleven things to take your post to the next level. Read your post out loud It may feel strange, but reading […]