The power of WordPress is how quickly you can add features to your blog without much effort. One of the things that happens most often is we go in search of things that add amazing visual components to our sites. This is all well and good, but often overlooked additions to a new blog are SEO, analytics, and list building.

Adding these three things at the beginning of your site will give you a better look at what you’re audience is doing with your site.

Yoast SEO

Yoast has been the defacto standard for SEO with WordPress for some time now. Some think the plugin is a bit overkill but in my opinion, it’s got the best toolset available at the free tier. There is a paid tier, but to get started, free should work just fine. Yoast offers the easy of connecting your Google Webmaster Tools with your plugin, as well as all your social media accounts. This means you can track your progress in all platforms easier.

Google Analytics for WordPress by MonsterInsights

This plugin was originally written by the team at Yoast, however it’s now owned and maintained by the same team that brought you OptinMonster. Awesome Motive builds great products, and Google Analytics by MonsterInsights is no different. This plugin allows you to quickly connect your Google Analytics account to your site, no hassle, no fuss. There are not a lot of features, but some very important ones like not tracking specific WordPress roles. This means you can stop administrators and editors from counting in your analytics. A great tool to get a real gauge on your traffic.

MailChimp for WordPress

In all my years of helping bloggers out, the one thing I hear the most is…

I should have started my email list earlier

All too often, bloggers wait until they have an established audience to get a mailing list setup. This means that they’ve been missing plenty of opportunities to grow faster. I prefer to use MailChimp as my subscription management platform and use the MailChimp for WordPress plugin to get signups. With the combination of the service and WordPress plugin, you can start getting people on your email list from day one, allowing you to grow your audience and build a community quickly and easily.

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