As a blogger, it’s important to review and edit your work before you publish your post. From time to time, you may find it necessary or even required to have someone else preview your post before you publish it. This usually requires that you create the person a user within your WordPress site and assign them a role that allows them to view the WordPress admin dashboard and all the other content available. This is not ideal and there is a quick and easy solution.

Public Post Preview

The Public Post Preview plugin generates a special URL that you can give to someone to gain access to a draft or pending blog post, so they can view it before you click publish. This URL can be enabled or disabled with a single click so once their review is complete, you can hide the draft again.

After you’ve saved a post as a draft, you’ll have a new option in the ‘Publish’ box. It’s a checkbox that reads “Enable public preview”


After checking this box you’ll be shown a link that you can copy and past to whoever needs to review the post.


This link is only valid as long as the checkbox is enabled. So once the person is finished with their review, you can uncheck the box and the draft will no longer be visible.

Public Post Preview is freely available on the plugin repository.

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